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After 15 years of recreating a local version of "Amazing Race" and "Survivor", The Amazing Hunt aims to produce our own version of a reality TV style competition.  We are working our way to make this goal become a "reality", pun intended!  However, we cannot do it alone.  We will need your participation, your behind the scene production skills, your star-power to rally up your fans and followers on social media to make everything possible. #TheAmazingHuntThemeComp


The Amazing Hunt is also aiming at gathering all the Canadian Reality TV celebrities from "The Amazing Race Canada", "Big Brother Canada" etc. to participate in competitions that can raise money for their favorite charity organizations for a great purpose.  So, let's us do the work, you have all the fun, and contribute all these goodness to help our communities.  Contact us if you are willing to lend your celebrity status!  We greatly appreciate your contribution for a good cause. #TheAmazingHunt4Charity


If you are an avid reality TV fan or you are looking for a brand new competition that test your brains and brawn, we would like to tell your story and showcase your ability of competing with strangers in order to win the cash prize.  This can be the next big thing in reality TV competition and you will be the new viral reality TV star!  Send in your application as soon as possible.  We love to hear from you! #EmeraldChallenge



Here is the process you need to follow in order to be a part of our #EmeraldChallenge:​

  1. Send your application online.  We will contact you if your application meets our criteria.  It is like presenting your resume for a job.  So be creative, over-the-top and truthful about yourself.  We would like to know why you are different than others, what kind of personal stories you like to tell the world, and what the reason is for you that motivate you to be a part of this #EmeraldChallenge.

  2. Once your application is viewed and we decide to meet with you to further our casting process, you will have to sign a release and waiver form and a confidentiality agreement with us.  This is like the second step of your job interview.  How you present yourself physically in front of strangers it is kind of important.  It doesn't matter if you are sweet and cuddly, loud and obnoxious or smart and manipulative, we are trying to cast different types of people in a competition.  So, be yourself is always the best!

  3. Once we have talked to all the potential applicants, the people that we decide to cast will be contacted by us and sign the final document and to be a part of our upcoming #EmeraldChallenge.  Please make sure that you can commit to our competition's  scheduling.  We are offering you an opportunity and a chance to win the cash prize of $1000 Canadian dollar.  We definitely want you to enjoy the competition and open new doors for you when you become the next reality competition viral hit.

Please ensure that you have read our #EmeraldChallenge Eligibility Requirements and Acknowledgement#EmeraldChallenge competition dates are tentatively on April 10, 11, 12, 13 in 2020