Challenge yourself, reality TV style!

If you are an avid fan of "Amazing Race" or "Survivor" reality TV shows, we bring you an authentic half-a-day experience in an intense competition.  You will be competing with total strangers that you may be become friends after because the bond you share for our adventure!


Every fourth Saturday in July for an "Amazing Race" adventure and
Every fourth Saturday in August for "Survivor" competition.


Avid reality TV fans who cannot be away for a long period of time but still want to do something fun and exciting just for a few hours.

It Is Perfect For...


Looking to get competitive and emerging in a reality TV style adventure with like-minded fans of your favorite reality TV shows.


There is no deadline for the application.  Once the spots are full, we do not accept any more entry unless someone drops out.


A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot in the competition.  We will accept your payment by e-transfer only.


The competition will be filmed, edited, presented episodically like a reality TV show... a memory that will never fade away!

How It Works...


TAH_Wix_Group Booking_CE.jpg

  July 22 2023





TAH_Wix_Group Booking_BR.jpg

  August 26 2023




Step 1 #SignUp

Submit your booking information below and also e-mail us if we haven't respond in 72-hours at

Step 2 #MeetUp

Arrange a meeting with our representative to discuss details, pay for the deposit, and sign a release and waiver form.


Step 3 #ShowUp

Follow our instruction and learn the rules and join us on the event date to compete in the reality TV style adventure.

Application, Selection and Competition Reward 

We process your application in a first come first serve basis.  Once we received your online application, we will also need to do an in-person or zoom interview for production reason.

If you are selected, we will ask you to sign a release and waiver form and to provide your non-refundable deposit within two weeks since the interview to secure your spot.

As a winner or a winning team in the competition, you will be rewarded with your deposit amount and be able to join the next year's public competition free of charge.