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From 2004 to 2010, The Amazing Hunt held a total of 30 City Expeditions across the Greater Vancouver region.  This is like a unique exclusive community consisted of 159 teams with 138 different relationships.  Among them, there were 60 co-ed teams, 45 all girls teams and 33 all guys teams.  We had so many alumni still talking about their experience many years ago til this day. #TheAmazingHuntAlum
Coming back again in 2019. we are looking forward to have you to join us as a new generation of racers and contenders to keep growing this wonderful community.  As of this moment, we have 8 co-ed teams, 4 all girls teams, 1 all guys teams and 11 contenders (8 males and 3 females).  Let's keep them coming! 



Outwit, outplay and outlast!

Can you take the crown?



July 25 2020 Saturday


7-8 Hours


up to 12 contenders


$90 per person



Local version of The Amazing Race.

The city is waiting for you!



August 29 2020 Saturday


4-5 Hours


up to 10 teams


$70 per person, $140 per team



Here is what others say about their experience in Battle Royale and City Expedition with The Amazing Hunt.  It is our authenticity and how much they feel like they are on an actual TV show like a reality TV star.

2019 Battle Royale


"It was such a fun day that reminded me of 'Survivor'.  I had a rocky start being the last person left after the school yard pick.  But I battled my way back in the Comeback challenge and with the unexpected twists, I was able to pick my own strong tribe to propel me well throughout the game.  There was a good mix of challenges with physical ones and puzzles.  It is interesting how the competitors in all of us come out once the game started.  I would recommend The Amazing Hunt to anyone interested in reality style adventure games!"

2007 City Expedition


"The 2007 Championship race was a lot of fun.  On a beautiful, sunny Saturday, we raced all over the place; from Canada Place to Pacific Central Station to China Town to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver to Metrotown... It was physically demanding but it was a heck of a lot of fun, despite of all the bad decisions Martin and I made.  All the other teams were very competitive and seemed to just into winning as we were.  We surely had a wonderful day!  Thanks, Bill."

2019 City Expedition

Jelena & Graeme

"We had such an AMAZING time.  We are exhausted but our hearts are full of adventure and new friends!  Mountains were climbed, boat races completed, we skipped at the top of Vancouver, ate pie like champs, chugged water, and did a bunch of memory challenges.  A perfect reminder that you can be a cool parent when you have a village to help. Thanks Aunties for the support at home!  We even had a celebrity host: Ryan from The Amazing Race Canada!  Finally, Thank you for a brilliant day and for organizing such a challenging race.  #bestdayever"

2007 City Expedition


“This was truly an amazing event.  I had a blast doing the tasks and met some wonderful people along the way.  Big thanks to Bill and his crew for making this experience so unforgettable.  I will definitely do another race in a heart beat.”​​

2011 Battle Royale


“I had lots of fun. I liked that team aspect to it and all the immunity challenges were great. I loved the twist if you got voted off at tribal councils; you still get to play until the merge.  The Amazing Hunt has become my summer and I look forward to every event!”

2006 City Expedition

Colin & Julie

“We loved working together as a team, playing with integrity, and facing every task with enthusiasm. We are hooked! We can’t wait to do another one soon and we recommend ‘The Amazing Hunt’ to all our friends."​​



Here is a few simple steps of how to register for our upcoming public events.

  1. Submit your information by using our "Public Registration Form".

  2. We will contact you once we received your information and schedule a meeting with you (and your teammate).

  3. You (and your teammate) will need to sign a release and waiver and pay for the fee in cash only.

Please ensure that you have read our Eligibility Requirements and Acknowledgement and note the following.

  • Your registration is processed in a first come first served basis.

  • It is only complete when our representative has meet up with you (and your teammate) and has received your payment.

If you have sent your registration but haven't received a response within 72-hours, please contact us by e-mail at  theamazinghunt@gmail.com