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Below are some of our valuable clients that have booked with us for their corporate team-building exercises, private personal gatherings and best of all, celebrating that special occasions with their friends and family.




moderate / high



over 10 years of age


2-hour to 3-hour


between 8 to 20 people


weather dependent, please inquire within


$490 (2-hour) | $590 (3-hour)


$39 (2-hour) | $49 (3-hour)






over 12 years of age


2-hour to 4-hour


between 8 to 80 people


weekends, please inquire within


$590 (2-hour) | $790 (3-hour) | $890 (4-hour)


$49 (2-hour) | $59 (3-hour) | $69 (4-hour)






over 15 years of age


1-hour to 3-hour


between 8 to 120 people


daily, please inquire within




$29 (1-hour) | $34 (2-hour) | $39 (3-hour)



Here is what others say about their group booking experience with The Amazing Hunt.  We encourage you to give us feedback so we can make The Amazing Hunt better and to be the best of Vancouver's own adventure for team-building and special occasion celebrations.

2019 Trivia Race

Grace Voo, VCS Principle

"I appreciated working with The Amazing Hunt.  Our staff enjoyed the activity that was tailored to our location and time.  The bandannas were great for building team spirit.  The short 2-3 min video was also very timely and we look forward to using it to show our community.  However, we thought it'll be better if The Amazing Hunt staff were in 'uniform'." 

2009 Trivia Race

TRB Architecture

“On behalf of TRB Architecture, I want to thank you for putting together such a terrific ‘trivia race’ event for our office’s team building activity.  Aside from the fact that it compassed all age groups and physical abilities, it also brought people that would not normally work together to converse and strategize with each other. The feedback has been very positive and there have been many requests to do it again.”

2018 City Expedition


"Thanks Bill and his crew for an awesome birthday celebration.  Ken had a blast with his family and friends.  Michelle is now laughing through her frustration too.  I think our friend George, who loved the game and the experience, was willing to help if you were interested.  Our laughs about the City Expedition continued into the night and we have chatted about doing the “survivor” type game next thanksgiving and will connect with you then."

2007 Trivia Race


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Your services were professional and engaging!  People haven’t stopped talking about it yet. I will be sure to recommend you to everyone – from corporate events to stagettes like we had. I appreciate you and your team’s efforts and thank you again for providing an event we won’t soon forget.  If anyone ever asks you for references, I’d be happy to help you in any way I can.”

2010 City Expedition


"I was impressed with the work that Bill and his team put into it, well organized!  I couldn't believe that I could run so much and neither could my co-workers who all think I have great running skills now.  People are asking me to organize another one next year and those who didn't participate are regretting not joining us.  It is well worth what we paid.  We all had a great time and even more impressed with the pictures that they took for us."

2006 City Expedition


"I can't believe I am doing an Amazing Race for my birthday with my friends.  It is so much fun.  I feel like I am racing for a million dollars while facing many detours and roadblocks.  I think I am ready to apply to be on the show now.  Too bad there is no Canadian version yet.  But, The Amazing Hunt is definitely the next best thing!"



Here is a few simple steps of how to book an event with us for your corporate team-building, private group celebration or fun with friends.

  1. Submit your group booking information by using our online form.

  2. Schedule a meetup with The Amazing Hunt's representative.

  3. Sign a release and waiver and to provide your deposit to secure your booking.

Please also read about our Payment and Cancellation Policy regarding to your booking.  

  • The Amazing Hunt must receive your minimum booking fee/deposit in cash or personal/certified cheque payable to the order of Bill Lin.  The minimum booking fee/deposit is non-refundable.  For any remainder payment, your organizer must provide the payment in cash or personal/certified cheque payable to the order of Bill Lin on the event date.  Please only provide your payment directly to The Amazing Hunt staff.

  • The Amazing Hunt reserves the right to ask your group to provide up to 50% of the full payment as deposit depending on your group size.  In addition, The Amazing Hunt reserves the right to adjust the rate per person in its sole discretion if your group had any last-minute changes to your number of participants.  You may postpone your event to another date if the original event date does not work for your group.  The new event date must be within the same calendar year of the original preferred event date.  By cancelling your event, your group agrees to forfeit your deposit.

  • If Additional Service is required, the deposit amount will be the sum of minimum booking fee and corresponding Additional Service fee.

If you have sent your booking request but haven't received a response within 72-hours, please contact us by e-mail at theamazinghunt@gmail.com